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Before we could talk to each other from every corner of the globe, video chatting was a mirage. But not anymore! Today, we have face-to-face communication with each other at break-neck speed.

Live chatting is now the in-thing to get close to your pals in a flash. With all the features open to you, everything you need from a chat room is at your fingertips.

You can use a live chat room from any device, and our service provides the very best of video chatting. Let’s take a look at what we provide:

The Main Features of Our Chat

Borderless chatting:

Ever dreamed of chatting with people on the other side of the world live?

Then you’re in luck! The live chat rooms support chatting without borders, and the number of members you can talk to depend on you.

Being in a chat room such as this makes it easier to communicate with people from all walks of life. No matter your needs from a chat room, the live chat room can provide.

With global connections possible, you have a full chance to get all the connections you need hassle-free. Isn’t that great?!

Friends’ listing:

In live chat rooms, you need to have a load of friends to spice up your communication. Also, having many friends ensure you always have someone to talk to whenever you get online.

Our live chat room has a friend list feature. This feature helps you get more friends to talk to without having to search endlessly for a previous conversation.

One other exciting function of the friends listing is that you get your contacts secure, even if you change devices. Isn’t that wonderful?


Mainstream social media platforms make use of the wall system, and now it’s become a thing for chat rooms too!

Our live chat rooms have the wall feature, so you have a lot of cool stuff available to you! With the wall feature, you have access to view other online members, updates, and lots more. All these make your chatting experience special, and you’d get the best conversations started with this feature.

On the flip side, it is advised not to share personal information on your wall, as you may be open to criminal activity.

Two layouts available:

There are two versions available in the live chat room. When you need a classic view of the live chat room, all you have to do is select from the options available.

Also, you have access to the modern version for better communication with your pals.

Free chatting:

Our live chat rooms are available to members for free. No matter the feature you wish to access, you don’t need to pay a dime!

You may have to register an account to access everything on this platform. To register, you don’t need to give out any personal information to keep your identity under wraps.

No registration required:

Registration on the live chat room isn’t a must. This feature ensures you can enjoy chatting live without giving out any info. But if you want to access your contacts and other stuff easily, you may need to get a username and password.

Chat Rules and Regulations

  • There is no room for derogatory language in this chat room. If you downcast any member of this chat room, your account will receive a temporary suspension as a warning. A permanent ban comes after repeated offenses.
  • All users must be 13 years old to access the chat group. If this chat room isn’t what you need, then check our other chat rooms on our menu for more choices.
  • We strongly advise against sharing personal information in this chat room. If you’re scammed or hacked as a result of sharing sensitive info on this platform, then we reserve the right to refuse to assist you.
  • Crowding the chat room is prohibited. If you’re found to be crowding the chat room with more than one account, then your account(s) will be permanently removed from the room.
  • There should be no bullying activity in the live chat room. When a member is notorious for bullying other members, his/her account is permanently banned from the chat room.
  • Hacking and spamming are anti-chat room activities. If you’re found to be a spammer/hacker, then you’ll be permanently banned from the live chat room.
  • If you suspect/detect any wrong activity (vulgar language, bullying, hacking, spamming) in the chat room, ensure you report the offending member to the admin or room moderator.
  • No registration is required to access the platform. All you need is an internet-enabled device and an active connection. Although, you may need full registration to access all the features of the chat room.