Warning Signs That Your Partner May Be Losing Interest – Is Your Other Half Thinking About Pulling the Plug?

08/05/2020 - 23:24

There are signs that your partner will exhibit when the relationship isn’t what they really want. Some of these signs are not easy to notice, but others are easily noticeable.

The duration of the relationship doesn’t really count. The relationship may be weeks or years old. But your partner may be disinterested nonetheless.

Some partners may feign their interest in the relationship, but it’ll all count for naught when you have this read to help. Let’s take a look at these signs:

Sign 1: The Open Communication Ceases

When you communicate with your partner at an open level for a while and notice negative changes, it’s a huge sign that things aren’t going well.

Communication is a vital aspect of any relationship, and when your partner doesn’t see the need in talking, it’s an apparent red flag.

Sign 2: Intimacy Takes a Hit

Intimacy is an expression of love, and when two partners engage in lovemaking, there’s a special connection. When your partner isn’t interested in you anymore, the intimate feelings you both share will evidently reduce.

In such circumstances, your partner may be doing this because of an affair or an error from your part. Whatever the reason is, the dent in the relationship is there for you both to see.

Sign 3: Your Partner Doesn’t Want to Do Anything with You

When your partner doesn’t feel the need to engage in any activity with you, then there may be low interest from your partner’s end.

Engaging in activities such as picnics, walks in the park, and more is an indication of a blossoming relationship.

The unwillingness of your partner to do anything with you is a clear sign that you’re in a one-sided relationship.

Sign 4: Your Partner No Longer Remembers

A partner may have a short memory or may be doing it intentionally to spite you by not remembering your anniversary or first date.

When your other half only seeks to be distant from you on your special day, it’s a sign that they may be doing it on purpose.

Sign 5: Future Plans Cause Arguments Whenever You Bring It Up

When your partner doesn’t want to talk about any future plans, it may be a subtle sign of their disinterest in the relationship. But when the discussion on your future causes them to spark into an uncontrollable rage, it’s clear they don’t want anything to do with you.

When you notice such behavior from your partner, the best thing to do is reassess your options if the knot isn’t tied yet. When it’s proven that you’re not needed for the future, why waste your time?

Sign 6: Your Partner Becomes Shallow in Talking With You

It’s a sign that isn’t easy to decipher, but with the right mind, you’d be able to know whether your partner is interested in you or not.

When your partner prefers talking about other people instead of you, they may be deflecting their disinterest in other conversations.

It’s a subtle sign, but you can easily find out when it’s repeated from your other half.

Sign 7: Your Partner is Always Absent at Your Important Events

When your partner always has something else to do rather than be with you at a significant event in your life, such as a music show or drama presentation, they want out subtly.

The love you have for your partner may not be reciprocated when you need them most. It may be a ploy by your other half to initiate your own disinterest in the relationship. It could also be a ply to blame you for their having to end the relationship.

No matter the reason for them being repeatedly absent from your dream moments, you should look closely as this is a big red flag.

Sign 8: Your Partner Becomes Emotionally Detached

A partner that has no interest in the relationship is more inclined to feel a less emotional attachment to you. Such a partner could see no need in consoling you in the event of a family death.

Such partners could become less interested in how you handle an emotional injury from them. This could lead to further hurt in your emotions, and you’d better be ready to call for an end to proceedings.

When a partner is dead to your emotions, there’s nothing you can do about it, but cut your losses and move on.

Sign 9: Your Partner Becomes Overtly Unreliable

A partner that can’t be counted on clearly has no interest in a relationship. When you ask your partner to provide something you badly need, and all they can do is forget every time, it’s clear that they don’t care how you feel.

Sign 10: Your Partner Always Gets Angry Over Nothing

It’s not hard to note the disinterest of a partner when it comes to this. You may joke with your partner, and they suddenly respond by scoffing at you all the time.

Your partner should have the ability to understand you and share funny moments with you.

When your partner is always frigid, there is a clear indication that your partner isn’t interested in having anything to do with you.


The warning signs of a partner losing interest are numerous. But these signs are the significant pointers to a partner who has nothing to lose from breaking up with you.

Ensure you take note of these signs. They’ll help you create a backdoor in the event things haven’t gotten too far.