Signs of Online Cheating – What to Look for When Suspecting a Cyber-Cheating Partner

08/05/2020 - 23:42

Cheating is cheating, whether offline or online. Harbouring feelings for another person on the internet is one of the fastest, most distasteful means of engaging in dishonesty.

Computers have made our life easy, but have made other illicit activities incredibly comfortable too. With more difficulty in detecting immoral actions on the internet, it could be hard to catch your cheating partner.

Sign 1: Disconnect from your Normal Activities

When your partner seems to be a bit detached from what you guys usually do together, it could be an indication of a cyber-cheater.

If you guys usually spent some time out on some weekdays, and your partner starts getting uninterested just to be at home working on the computer, he/she could be flirting online.

Such things are a bit difficult to notice. But when the frequency of your partner's choice to not do what you guys used to enjoy, then you have to start investigating.

Sign 2: Obsession with Password Protection for All Their Devices

It's one of the most apparent signs of a cheating partner. When a partner has a desire always to lock his/her phone with a password, it's a pointer that they could be cheating online.

As a partner in a relationship, openness is vital for a special connection to thrive. When partners protect their phone with numerous passwords, it could either be due to a lack of trust or an online fling.

It's startling that many couples view online cheating as harmless, but it could ruin your relationship if your partner gets to find out.

Sign 3: Secret Accounts

Is your partner keeping a secret account, there's only one way to find out – infiltrate and investigate.

A second account could be used by your partner to get into a life they secretly dream of having, and online cheating could be their fantasy.

If you suspect your partner's insincere with their online presence, find a way to check their devices without their knowledge. What you discover could be surprising or reassuring. Either way, it's a win-win situation for you.

Sign 4: Deleting Web History

A partner is notorious for wiping out their web history if you share a PC is definitely up to something. It could be porn or much worse – online cheating.

When your partner deletes their browser history, they're concerned that you could get access to their information.

If this is true, then bide your time as they'll surely forget to delete the incriminating info someday. If it turns out to be what you've been suspecting, then the rest is up to you.

If you confront your partner about this and you get delayed or inappropriate responses, then your suspicion could be well-grounded.

Sign 5: Protecting Chat Apps

One place your partner could be engaging in cheating is through messaging apps. These apps make it easy for your spouse to send messages, videos and audio to anyone.

It's also relatively easy to delete the chat info from any conversation.

When you notice your partner protecting certain apps with passwords, facial/fingerprint recognition, that partner is a cheater.

Some partners tend to build trust in you by keeping their phones unlocked. But when you see that their chat apps are protected, then you're getting played!

Sign 6: Changes in Character

When your partner's character changes negatively, it could be as a result of online cheating.

Some partners have fantasies deep in their hearts that they need to be fulfilled. If they're getting such fantasies from online cheating, then they could be a bit spiteful at you.

You notice they aren't too concerned about what makes you happy anymore; they could be cheating. Or your partner is now always in a hurry to lock the PC or phone whenever you're around. It could be caused by cheating.

Sign 7: Constant Attachment to Devices

There are a few things that could keep your partner glued to a mobile device or PC, and one of them is online cheating.

When your partner remains attached to a mobile device, it's a sure indication of cheating. Have you ever noticed your partner sneaking off to the living room at night just to stay on the PC?

There's no doubt that your partner is a cheater.

Sign 8: Lesser Will to Communicate

Online cheating limits the feelings your partner has for you, that's no secret. If you discover your partner now has a will to stay on the internet more than chatting with you, then there's cheating involved.

What you need to do is get a reason to communicate with them for long periods, maybe a life-changing decision and see how they'll react.

If they react with a feeling of unconcern, then there's a clear sign that they're cheating.

Sign 9: Very Suspicious Pages on Your Partner's Internet History

If your partner fails to delete their internet history, then it's easy to find out whether they're cheating or not.

Check out the pages they visited recently, and you could get a clue about what they've been up to.

If their internet history is clean, it's not a pointer that they aren't guilty. Look out for a missing time stamp in the internet history, and it could be your partner is playing a smart one on you.

Keep going through the browser history of your partner, and you could get lucky someday.

Sign 10: The Cell Bills Keep Going Up

If porn is an issue with your partner, then it's another form of online cheating. Your partner is entertaining fantasies from others without your knowledge.

One thing about porn is that it causes a spike in your cell phone bills. When your partner engages in continuous porn activity, it'll reflect in constant increases in your statements.

Cross-reference the billing info on a monthly basis. Also, check out your partner's cell or PC for any confirmation of your suspicion.


These signs are the major pointers to a partner's cyber-infidelity. Ensure you have knowledge of these facts, as they could prevent a damaged relationship if you sense them in time.